• Weirs, Marigot, dominica

Brief History

The Marigot Co-operative Credit Union Limited is a financial institution that was formed in the year 1954 out of a study group selected from persons in the community of Marigot with limited financial resources. The group was led by Mr. Belgrave Robinson was assisted by several persons including Mr. Meshach Linton, Mr. Edney Sylvester, Mr. Slyes E James, Mr. Hommil Hamlet, and Mr. Anthony Winston. The meeting place of that study group was at the Golden Arror Club in Marigot and their contribution for savings was 0.25¢ per week..

January 5th, 1955 was inauguration day for the Marigot Co-operative Credit Union. The Credit Union aimed to promote economic thrift among members and provide a source of credit that was more favorable than the banking sector, to people of the Community. The Credit Union at that time was run by a Board of Directors elected from among the same people. Mr. Meshach Linton was its first President and Mr. Syles E James the first Treasurer. Other members of the Board included Mr. Edney Sylvester, Dr. Basteria and Mr. Hommil Hamlet. At the start, Mr. Hommil Hamlet collected the money from members and the money was kept at the home of a businessman named Mr. Anthony Winston for safe keeping. Savings were collected at the home of the Treasurer until the first Credit Union office building was built in 1972.

What started from a very humble beginning with members’ savings of as little as 0.25¢ is today a multi-million dollar institution with assets of over 47 million dollars and the institution has a membership of over three thousand. In addition to the main office in Marigot, there is a branch located in Wesley, Woodfordhill, and Calibishie.

Our Mission


An Innovative Financial Establishment to serve the community of Marigot and environs by providing competitive financial services, ensuring maximum member satisfaction.


Our Cooperative is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common financial, economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled institution.

  • * Voluntary and open membership
  • * Domocratic member control
  • * Autonomy and independence
  • *Education training and information
  • * Coperation with all cooperatives
  • * Concern for the community
  • * Cooperation with all non-governmental organizations and civic groups
  • * Self-help
  • * Self responsibility
  • * Democracy
  • * Equality
  • * Solidarity
  • * Honesty
  • * Openness and transparency
  • * Good governance
  • * Professionalism
  • * Objectivity
  • * Confidentiality
  • * Social responsiblity
  • * Caring and concern for members
  • * Doing things right and doing the right things at all times
  • * Discipline and professional ethics