• Weirs, Marigot, dominica

The Marigot Co-Operative Credit Union is a legal co-operative institution registered under the Co-Operative Societies Act #2 of 2011 and is made of Staff, the Board of Directors, the Supervisory Committee, and the Credit Committee.

Board of Directors

The MCCU is governed by a Board of Directors elected from among its members and by its members. The Board is entirely responsible for the operations and policies formulation of the credit union.

The members of the MCCU’s board of directors are as follows:


  • •Gregory Riviere – President
  • •Jason Robin – Vice President
  • •Portia Tyson – Treasurer
  • •Velma Moses Jospeh – Secretary
  • •Nanda Lawrence – Director
  • •Don Gordon – Director
  • •Clint Rolle – Director
  • •Nicola James – Director
  • •Dernel Dailey-Alexander – Director

Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is elected to keep a watchful eye on the total operations of the Credit Union on behalf of the general membership. Its job is to protect members against loss, and to protect elected Credit Union officials against unfair criticisms.

This Committee Includes:


  • •Kerry Charles – President
  • •Damien Casimir – Vice President
  • •Sydnie Thomas – Secretary
  • •Kerry Shillingford – Member
  • •Mary Andrew Bazil – Member
  • •Dwayne Dick – Member
  • •Jeanelle Thomas – Member

Credit Committee

The credit committee is elected among its members and is in charge of reviewing and authorizing loans, making sure they are given in compliance with the agreed credit policy, and exercising cautious management of the loan portfolio.

This Committee Includes:


  • •Carrie Charles-Thomas – President
  • •Sahran Laville – Secretary
  • •Donalie Dailey – Member
  • •Julena Joseph – Member
  • •Rosmond Dinard – Member
  • •Thora Robinson – Member

Management Team

The management team carries out the Board’s objectives, maintains operations and aids the Board and other Committee’s in developing operational policies

This Team Includes:


  • •Reginald Robin – General Manager
  • •Ché Burnette – Accountant
  • •Natasha Paul-James – Branch Spervisor
  • •Dishun Marie – IT Officer
  • •Duleah George – Loans Supervisor
  • •Kareen Fountaine-Pascal- – HR Officer & General Manager Secretary
  • •Nania George-Charles – Operations & Administration Officer
  • •Frances Bazil-Robin – Accounts Supervisor