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Regular Savings

Everyone needs a Regular Saving Account to care for unexpected expenses and to care for future purchases.



  • Annual interest based on the surplus of the institution
  • Can be withdrawn at anytime
  • Can be place as a security to loans



  • A Valid ID: Passport, Social Security Card, Driver’s Licence, National ID.
  • Proof of Address: Utility bill (not older than 6 months), Bank reference letter or statement.
  • A minimum of XCD $85.00.This covers the new member service charges, the minimum deposit of $20.00 and one mandatory Member Share
  • Letter of Consent from your Credit Union.


Member of Another Credit Union?

The Marigot Co-Operative Credit Union requires new members to provide a Letter of Consent from existing credit unions in recognition of Section 26 (8) of the Co-operatives Society Act No. 2 of 2011. The Act stipulates that “A person who is a member of a credit union shall not apply for membership of another credit union unless his or her application is accompanied by the written consent of the credit union of which he or she is already a member to his or her proposed dual membership”

Special Savings Account

Its an account that you can open to save for a special purposes such as Education for your Children, Traveling, business and more.

  • Valid Picture ID
  • Minimum of XCD $10

Daily Savings Account

Daily Savings are Funds that is put aside for daily use. Can be withdrawn through the ATM.

  • Valid Picture ID
  • Minimun of XCD $10