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A Funeral assistance program that gives financial aid to an insured members elegible family upon member's death. The cover amount is paid out within 48 hours after submitting all the relevant documentation and claim being validated. You will have the ability to pay for Funeral expenses without having an extra financial burden.


  • The Plan covers up to six (6) eligible family members

  • No medical history/examination required

  • Lifetime Coverage : “Once enrolled, covered for life”

Who can be Covered under your plan

      • Your Spouse

      • Divorced Spouse

      • Common Law Spouse

      • Children under the age of 25 yrs

      • Adopted Children under the age of 25 yrs

      • Disabled Children under the age of 26 yrs

      • Your Parents

      • Your In-Laws

    Note: Children who are married before attaining the age of 25 yrs will require their seperate plan

Enrollment Requirements

  • Valid Identification ie. Birth Certificate or Passport. If a Social Security Card or Drivers License is used, the Passport is necessary for yourself and any other person you wish to cover under your plan. A copy of all Identification provided will be attached to your enrollment form

  • Completed Enrollment FormThis form to begin the enrollment progress.

  • Completed Beneficiary FormThis form to declare the beneficiary for an existing policy

  • Completed Automatic Deduction FormThis form empowers MCCU to pay premiums on your behalf

A Coverage Certificate will be issued to you within six months from your enrollment.